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Memorandum of Understanding

I UNDERSTAND that Desert Paths Natural Wellness Association (“DPNWA”) may include members with varied medical and alternative medicine backgrounds, including but not limited to medical doctors, chiropractors, or acupuncturists licensed in other states or countries, licensed or retired nurses, as well as natural practitioners who work under certifications such as Master Herbalists, Classical Homeopaths, Certified NeuroFeedback therapists, or Traditional Naturopathic practitioners (“Practitioner Members”). I understand that there is no license, only certification, for some alternative medicine professions. In virtually every state, Traditional Naturopaths, Classical Homeopaths, and Master Herbalists who have chosen these professions seek out alternative routes of education and certification because university degrees, state certification boards, and licensing agencies do not exist for their particular profession. As a result, Traditional Naturopaths, Classical Homeopaths, and Master Herbalists work with certifications from reputable professional organizations that require professionals to display a standard of knowledge, training, and experience before being certified. I understand that these non-governmental certification boards have clearly established professional standards, including exams and continuing education, but that this does not constitute a license.

I UNDERSTAND that Traditional Naturopaths who are part of DPNWA are not Naturopathic Medical Doctors (NMDs). NMDs, licensed in some U.S. States, can prescribe pharmaceutical drugs, diagnose diseases, and perform certain medical procedures. Traditional Naturopaths (as found in DPNWA) do not prescribe prescription drugs, instead following the traditional principles of naturopathic practice that were established in the 1800s in the United States and Europe which focus strictly on the use of natural, non-drug therapies.

I UNDERSTAND that no doctor/patient relationship or client/practitioner relationship exists between myself and Practitioner Members, rather only a contract member/member relationship exists. In my interactions with other members of DPNWA, including its Practitioner Members, I freely change my legal status from the public domain of an individual seeking medical diagnosis and treatment to a member of a private membership association seeking knowledge and assistance with natural therapies from Practitioner Members. I agree that I recognize and will exercise the duty and obligation to use due care and to perform due diligence regarding any natural therapies discussed with or suggested by any Practitioner Members before beginning any such therapies. I fully accept the responsibility to carefully weigh the benefits and risks of any proposed natural therapy, product, or natural protocol suggested to me by a Practitioner Member, and that the sole responsibility for the suggested therapy is mine alone.

I UNDERSTAND that the relationship between DPNWA members is not established for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment of disease, but that I nevertheless have the right to share my medical records and previously diagnosed health issues with members if I choose. I reserve the right to discuss certain health issues for which no written record shall be maintained.

I UNDERSTAND that since no doctor/patient privilege exists between myself and Practitioner Members, it is therefore up to me as a club member to decide what information I wish to share and with whom I wish to share information. I also understand that I am waiving HIPAA privacy rights and complaint processes as to any medical information that I wish to share. Any medical records that I choose to provide as well as notes made as a result of natural therapies within the scope of my membership (“Confidential Information”) will be kept in electronic form, the access to which is password-protected, or hard copy form in a locked file cabinet. Only Practitioner Members and their staff will have access to Confidential Information. My Confidential Information will not be discussed with or disclosed to any person other than myself and Practitioner Members. Should the disclosure of Confidential Information be compelled by court order or other compulsions of law, I will be promptly notified in advance of such proposed disclosure so that I may be heard respect to any such disclosure. (*for details on how Natural Health Sciences protects your information see footnote below.)

I UNDERSTAND that DPNWA wishes to provide for its members cutting-edge natural medicine at a reasonable fee. These include, but are not limited to: Homeopathy, herbs, stretching techniques, sauna, natural cleansing therapies, ozone therapies, darkfield microscopy/live blood cell examination, NeuroFeedback, Isopathic remedies, cold laser therapy (Laser Energetic Detoxification), Magnetic therapy, molecular hydrogen inhalation, hyperbaric oxygen, Electro Dermal Screening, frequency devices, PEMF, red light therapy, acoustic sound wave therapy, photo-magnetic lymphatic drainage devices, and nutritional or other tests on urine and saliva, as well as existing natural medical protocols. We hereby state our right to add other natural therapies not specifically mentioned.

I UNDERSTAND that my membership fee does not include any fees associated with natural therapies and that there will be an additional charge for each natural therapy in which I choose to engage.

I UNDERSTAND that DPNWA does not participate in any medical insurance plans and Practitioner Members are not required to provide invoices for suggested services, either at the time they are recommended or at the time they are provided.

I UNDERSTAND that at the time of creation, DPNWA has identified Jack Miller, ND, CTN, a Board Certified Naturopath doctor (Nevada) and a Certified Traditional Naturopath (Arizona), as an administrator of DPNWA. Jack Miller, CTN is regarded by DPNWA as the individual member best qualified to oversee the natural health protocols and services available to DPNWA members, and at his sole discretion to include and/or exclude Practitioner Members who provide or assist with additional natural health care services. I authorize Jack Miller CTN, other Practitioner Members he selects, and their staff to contact me as they deem necessary.

I UNDERSTAND that should any conflicts arise between any member, whether practitioner or non-practitioner members that cannot be resolved, that conflict will be resolved by legally binding arbitration, not a civil lawsuit. The current arbitrator is DPNWA member Mike Milich, a retired prosecuting attorney with experience in arbitration, and knowledge of natural medicine who has used the services of practitioner members.

I UNDERSTAND that our members include licensed medically trained doctors and that DPNWA does not reject conventional medicine. Members are free to seek testing, diagnosis, and treatment options through established medical doctors outside DPNWA. However, the results of any outside testing, diagnosis, or treatment do not give rise to liability on the part of DPNWA.

I UNDERSTAND that Practitioner Members are available to me by appointment only and that I cannot expect Practitioner Members to provide emergency care. I understand that I have the responsibility to pursue appropriate medical, urgent, or emergency medical services when needed and that any information or natural health therapies provided by Practitioner Members should not be viewed as a substitute for medical care, urgent, emergency, or otherwise. (#see below for current approved practitioners or service providing members.)

I UNDERSTAND that, according to the United States Supreme Court, members of a private association have the right to contract with each other and conduct business activities as long as those activities do not “create a clear and present danger that they will bring about … substantive evils.” Although it is unlikely that natural therapies would cause significant harm, by my signature below, I agree to hold DPNWA and its members harmless from any act that does not meet the Supreme Court’s standard of misconduct.

I UNDERSTAND that membership in DPNWA, or consultation or natural therapies by Practitioner Members, does not guarantee a cure or definite resolution of any health issues, and no such outcome is warrantied, either expressly or impliedly.

I UNDERSTAND that in order for any minor child under the age of 18, or any child over the age of 18 with disabilities who are under legal guardians to receive services available to club members only, that all custodial parents or legal guardians must join DPNWA.
By clicking to purchase a membership I am acknowledging that I have read and understood the Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Understanding for the DPNWA private club. Joining this club does not require any participation on my part, but will allow me to take advantage of any benefits available to members only as stated in the Articles of Association and the Memorandum of understanding.
I UNDERSTAND that my one time lifetime membership fee may be used for this website, and to prepare content for DPNWA members. This small fee may also be used to provide services for members with financial hardship, but will not be used by practitioner members for profit.

* Jack Miller, N.D., a traditional naturopathic practice, uses a HIPAA approved secure medical EHR to record all information shared by clients. We do not scan medical documents that clients bring in for appointments into the portal. We also use Google Email and Google Drive for communications and storage.

# Practitioner and service provider members.
Jack Miller ND, CTN- owner of Jack Miller N.D.
Mackenzie Kalt- owner of Natural Pain Treatment in Phoenix
Rita Ferraro ND, - Naturopathic practitioner, New Mexico
This Memorandum of Understanding was updated on March 29th, 2024.


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